ShortPort offers matchless puzzle fun
ShortPort is a logic and thinking game, which delights with an unlimited amount of exciting puzzles. Find the shortest way into the end while collecting all the key pairs. The key’s unique portal functionality result in a huge variety of possible solutions. Additional game elements like weighted fields or Shorter cause even bigger challenges and new opportunities.
Play versus your friends
Connect with your friends and or make new friends worldwide. Challenge your friends and prove yourself in 1 on 1. Which one of you is the real puzzle king?
Be part of a dynamic league system
Compete in the dynamic league mode versus other players worldwide. Rise into higher leagues by winning point by point. As higher you rise, as more challenging your opponent will get. Will you make it to the top of the world?
Beat the score
Will you manage to beat the high score? Beat a puzzle’s high score and achieve valuable prizes. But can your result also persist versus other players? Even when you cannot manage it once, ShortPort even awards the attempt.
More possibilites through Shorter
Through Shorter you can generate new ways on the gameboard and hence also completely new possibilites. Rise in level and thus obtain even more powerful Shorter. Use your Shorter in the league mode to increase your winning chances.
Extensive statistics
Who has won more often, my friend or me? How often do I beat the high score? Which average place in the league do I occupy? For all these questions and for many more we have answers in our extensive statistics section. A heart opener not only for statistics lovers.
Individualize your profile
Give ShortPort an individual look. Choose your favorite color and icon out of our enormous variety. Regardless of whether you prefer a seastar or an electric guitar, everybody will make a found here.